Black Smokey Eyes Makeup

Black Smokey Eyes makeup is also known as ‘Victoria’s Secret Model’ eye makeup. The Black Smokey eye Makeup has been around for a while in the fashion world and there is no sign of the fashion dying out. The best way to get the perfect Black Smokey Eye makeup is through proper blending. You will want to make sure that the colors that you have used in your black smokey eye makeup have blended properly. It’s a good thing to blend light colors with rich ones. For example a soft gold base with a deep purple base on top, or else a champagne base with bright blue and peach base with a greenish hue.I would personally rate the difficulty level to be average. But practice makes a man perfect so what the heck ! Lets look at how to apply black smokey eye makeup here

Black smokey eye makeup tips

Things you need for black smokey eye makeup are:

• A matte black base .

• A matte black powder eye shadow (Carbon eye shadow)

• A matte highlight that’s similar to your skin tone (Performance eye shadow)

• Another matte highlight which is similar to your skin tone but darker than the one before (Malt eye shadow)

• A black eye kohl

• Black track fluid line

• A shimmery silver or black eye shadow if you want shimmery looks.

Tools you need for black smokey eye makeup:

• A separate brush or sponge-tip applicator to use with the black base

• A blending brush for the black shadow

• A blending brush for the highlight colors

• To clean up fall-out, using a cosmetic remover wipe works best and is easiest to quickly eradicate the black fall out underneath the eyes.

How to apply black smokey eye makeup

Follow these simple tips to apply black smokey eye makeup.

• Start by applying Black track fluid line as your base on the inner portion of your lid. Then place the brush vertically and pull the color upwards and outwards to begin covering the lower part of your lid.

• Spread it by pulling the color upward and outward from the middle portion of your lower lid.

• Pull the color upwards and outwards will cause the color to look faded and streaky. This is bound to happen but you can smooth the color back to place.

• You can use a separate blending brush, pick up Carbon eye shadow. You may need to return and pick up more of the black shadow as you work on the look.

• Pack on carbon eye shadow all over the black portion of your lid.

• Apply eyeliner if you’re want a typical black, brown or gray smoky eye, apply liner in one of those colors above the upper lash line, drawing line thicker in the middle of eye.

• If you want a jewel-toned eye, line your eyes with a purple, blue or deep green liner.

• Blend in color on bottom lashes For color on the bottom (a key smokey eye look) use a eyeliner pencil because they’re easiest to smudge. After the line is drawn, run your finger over it to smudge the line.

• You can also apply a bit of shadow to get full smudge effect. Apply light base color Again, the key to black smokey eye makeup is pairing a lighter base with the darker hue.

• Blend the darker color, but keep dark color below the crease.

• You now need a darker eye shadow shade.

• Use an eye shadow brush blend in color starting at your lash line, blending up.

• Be sure to blend color into the lash line so the eye liner disappears. Stop deep color at crease.

• The more you blend the better it is for black smokey eye makeup.

Follow these simple steps to apply black smokey eye makeup. You can wear black smokey eye makeup for an even, for a party or even for work.

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