Bipolar Disorder in Children

Bipolar disorder in children

Bipolar disorder is a grim brain infirmity. It is also termed as manic-depressive disorder. It was earlier thought that only adults suffer from bipolar disorder but it is now known that children also suffer with bipolar disorder and go through abnormal mood changes. At times they feel very cheerful or Up, and are much more energetic than usual. This state is called Bipolar mania. At times children with bipolar disorder feel extremely sad and down and are much less energetic than usual. This state is called bipolar depression. Learn more about bipolar disorder in children here.

Bipolar disorder in children.

Bipolar disorder is not the normal ups and downs which each child goes through. Bipolar disorder symptoms are more dominant than the normal mood fluctuations. Bipolar disorder can make it tough for a child to perform well in school or mix up with friends and family members. The bipolar disorder in children can also be dangerous. Some adolescent patients with bipolar disorder try to injure themselves or attempt suicide. Children with bipolar disorder should get immediate treatment. With aid children with bipolar disorder can control their symptoms and lead normal lives.

Symptoms of Bipolar disorder in children

Bipolar disorder does not influence every child in the identical way. The incidence, intensity and period of a child’s symptoms of bipolar disorder and the child’s reaction to treatment fluctuate dramatically from patient to patient. As the child matures, bipolar disorder may have an effect on the dimension, form, and function of brain areas and networks. Modern research advocates that pediatric bipolar disorder is a neuron developmental disorder. As a result, the symptoms and identification of a psychiatric illness may vary as the child grows.

Treatment of bipolar disorder in children

Presently, there is no specific treatment for bipolar disorder in children. Doctors generally treat children who have the bipolar disorder in the same way as they treat adults. Treatment bipolar disorder in children can facilitate to manage the symptoms. Treatment works better when it is continuity, instead of irregular treatment. Special types of drugs can help bipolar disorder in children. Children react to medications in different ways, so the kind of medicines used depends on the child’s response. Some children may require more than one kind of medication because their symptoms are so complicated.

At times they need to use different types of medicine to make out which are suitable for the child. Children should take the minimum amount of medications as possible to cure their symptoms of bipolar disorder in children. Do not discontinue giving your child medication without a doctor’s advice. Discontinuing medication all of a sudden can be dangerous, and it can make bipolar symptoms complicated. Various class of psychotherapy or counseling can help kids with bipolar disorder.

Treatment of bipolar disorder in children can help children adjust their behavior and control their schedule. It can also help adolescent patients to adjust better with family and acquaintances. Help your child to get the precise diagnosis and treatment. If you sense that your child may have bipolar disorder, take an appointment with a good doctor to talk about the symptoms you notice. Always remember that a proper diagnosis and treatment along with the support from your end will make your child lead a normal and successful life and beat the evils of Bipolar disorder.

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