Best Over the Counter Acne Treatment

Best over the counter acne treatment

Acne is one of the most unpleasant and disturbing condition to live with. Sometimes, acne also ruins the life of the affected person. Fortunately, there are several acne cures and acne remedial measures for acne to improve the condition. The most common and preferred acne treatment method is contacting the doctor to get appropriate recommendations and medicines based on the skin tone, type of acne and severity of the acne condition. Many of us do not visiting the doctor and just go to the drug store to get appropriate over the counter acne treatment. Unfortunately, many of us are not aware about the best over the counter acne treatment. It has now become quite difficult to find what is the best acne medication and drug for you. Over the counter is referred as OTC, where over the counter acne treatments and drugs are getting increased and gaining popularity. Moreover, it is found as an alternate solution for prescription medications for treating acne.

In spite of range of over the counter acne medications are available, they are classified under two categories namely natural products and medicated products. Medicated over the counter acne treatment products include salycic acid, glycolic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Natural products of over the counter acne treatment include aloe vera, green tea extract, green tea drink, cucumber, vitamin E extracts, plant and herbal extracts, antioxidant like organic fruits and vegetable, alcohol, ice scrubs, and tea tree oil. Both types of effective and best acne over the counter treatment focus on exfoliating the skin, removal of damaged skin cells, battle against acne and facilitate growth of fresh skin. Great feature of over the counter medications for acne is they are quite cheaper and affordable over other prescription treatment and they have very minimal or even zero side effects.

When you are trying for a new OTC acne medication, you need to wait with patience for some time until they medications start working on the skin. It generally takes around 3 to 5 weeks for seeing the progression. Sometimes, the effectiveness of acne treatment may start to show visible progression even after a couple of months. The results may be quick as well as little slow, which is determined by the type of acne, severity and the skin tone. For effective results and clear skin you need to follow the using the best over the counter acne medications and products consistently without fail.

Further, when you prepare yourself for OTC acne treatment products, ensure to cover all the areas affected by acne and acne scar as well, the best over the counter acne treatment are effective in treating the hidden and minor blemishes in the skin which are invisible.

Both the types of over the counter acne treatment medications successfully treat various degrees of acne, where the age of the affected people is immaterial. It also includes treating even the back acne. Unfortunately, there are few exceptions to this rule where there are very few and rarest forms of acne, which does not respond even to the best over the counter acne treatment. People who could have positive reaction to best acne medications generally would have developed the acne and acne scars due to high level of stress, improper balance and hormonal growth in the body and very poor diet.

If you are one among the patients who have no response to best acne medications, it makes better sense in seeking appropriate diagnosis and treatment from dermatologist.

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