Best Braided Hairstyles

Braided hairstyles

Braided hairstyles are so feminine; it used to be one of the most popular hairstyles for the Afro-American women, today you can see many women wearing the Best braided hairstyles. You can find various methods to get the Best braided hairstyles. You can curl them, style your hair with gels, you can also add some bangs to them. No matter what innovation you try on, you will certainly look great. Some of the Best braided hairstyles are, braids with bangs, curly braided hairstyles, twisted braided hairstyles etc. we are going to talk about some of these Best braid hairstyles in this article.

Best braided hairstyles

Regular braided hairstyles

Divide your hair into three distinct sections. This braided hairstyle is also called a plait. This is the simplest of the braided hairstyles. It gives a classical feel to your hair and you can make side braids to your hair and attach them to the back. This braided hairstyle is hassle free and you will be surprised how easy it is to achieve this look of regular braided hairstyles. You can leave the bottom part of your hair dangling in the air below. You can wear some nice squinchies. Wear some bangs that are colorful, they will make your hair look absolutely great.

Micro braided hairstyles

Micro braided hairstyles are worn by men and women all the same. These are highly popular and you look really stylish when one wears the micro braided hairstyles. You need to use the entire hair when you wear the micro braided hairstyles. You could either use a middle partition or a side partition when you wear this hairstyle. Either ways it looks smart and trendy. After you finish with the braiding, you could tie up the hair together, or your could leave the entire hair open, with some naked look. Both these styles would look really nice on braided hairstyles.

Fishtail braided hairstyles

Fishtail braided hairstyles are solely for women, it makes you look oh so feminine. This also looks great on kids. Fishtail braids are quite close to French braids. You need to make thin braid of your entire hair and the only difference between fishtail and French braids are fishtails are relatively thinner braids. You need to make thing fishtail braids onto both sides of your hair and connect them with one big braid on the middle of your back part of the head (nape). Fishtails are not difficult to make at all. You could try doing them on someone else before trying it on yourself.

Basket Weave braided hairstyles

This braid hairstyle is sure to make you look rather different and unique. This is meant to be worn on some special occasion that you can display your special basket weave braided hairstyles. Basket weave braided hairstyles are made of small, closely knit invisible braids that are entwined together. They are made by crossing each other’s path, giving it an appearance of a weaved basket, thus earning it the name of a basket weave Best braid hairstyles. The hair that remains must be tied up to your nape, thus completing the look.

For more on how to make a braid and French Best braid hairstyles read more in this same section.

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