Best Acne Treatment

Best Acne Treatment

Acne is one of the common skin infection developed by majority of the people. No specific age group of people are affected by acne and it is quite common from new born baby to old age people. Acne in infants and kids are likely to disappear over some time, unfortunately, teens and adults suffer a lot from acne. To no surprise, most of them are in search of world’s best acne treatment to get rid of the acne problem.

Do you ever heard about the best acne treatment? If you have heard something about the best acne treatment, how effective is that in treating acne, and why it is considered the best treatment for acne? Hope you may imagine that the best acne treatment is something characterised by expensive cream or a drug, which is untrue. The expensive drugs and creams can reduce the effect of acne on skin for a shorter period leaving a long term side effect like permanent acne scars. The real fact, there is no single best treatment for acne and the effectiveness of treatment varies with each other due to the causes of acne, age, severity of acne and the skin type as well. As we know, one man’s meat is another man’s poison, what we found as effective and best treatment for acne may not have the same effect on other, as different people suffer from different types and degrees of acne. Hence, what is the best treatment for acne?

What is best treatment for acne actually depends upon the actual causes of acne and the age. Teens and young women develop acne due to hormonal changes. Adults develop acne due to food habits and stress. Eventually, treating the hormonal imbalance, life style changes and dietary changes are the effective and best treatment for acne. You may wonder about the numerous products, drugs and creams available in the market for treating acne and acne scars. The creams and drugs, irrespective of the cost treat only the symptoms of acne, which means acne is removed from the outer layer of the skin, where the actual causes of acne remain untreated. Moreover, the drugs gave some severe side effects in the long run and the chemicals used in the cream can damage the skin. Fortunately, natural and herbal products like ginger, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables, etc. are found to be best natural treatment for acne. Let us see effective and best treatment for acne in different degrees.

Acne in Teens – Teens are more likely to develop cystic acne, where acne is is filled with cysts, which is caused due to their hormonal secretion along with their growth. Best acne treatment for teens is nothing but following a good hygiene and controlling the imbalanced hormones. Hormonal imbalance can be treated by prescription drugs.

Acne in Adults – Acne in adults is mainly caused due to improper life style, poor diet and poor hygiene. Most of the adults are not able to overcome stress and could not maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eventually, poor diet with fatty and oily substance, poor hygiene result in development of acne. Adult acne can be treated by several prescriptions. Unfortunately, there are numerous associated with these drugs. So, what is the best treatment for acne in adults are the natural and homemade remedies. Best natural acne treatment include following nutritious diet rich in fruits and vegetables, drinking more water or liquid, applying homemade remedies like oat meal mask, potato mask, garlic paste on acne spots, etc. Natural remedies and homemade remedies for acne effectively treat the condition together with enriching the complexion of skin.

So, looking for a best acne treatment is a complicated process, where the highly suggested treatment method may not be effective in a few people. Eventually, the best treatment should suit with the people in eliminating the underlying causes of the acne.

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