Makeup Tips For Women over 40

Beauty is timeless, but what is time bound are wrinkles! Whoever would have thought of the fact that people would be so obsessed with beauty fifty years back probably? But we have a cure for that too. Do not worry about hitting forty because here are beauty tips for women above 40 which will bring about a revolution in the way you look and feel about yourself. At forty the typical problems that occur are that the skin loses the tautness and signs of aging begin to become visible. This is the time when following a strict beauty regime becomes absolutely essential, to combat the problems, learn more about beauty tips for women over 40 here.

Makeup tips for women over 40

Here are some useful beauty tips for women over 40 that could be useful for you to look bright and youthful even when you are hitting forty.
• Diet is the first beauty tip for women over 40 that I would like to add here, its not just about taking care of your skin and hair, as otherwise its important to know what you are eating and what are the value additions those foods have in your body. This is especially important since this is the time when women Hit menopause. Hence its time to be a bit more careful to maintain the PH of your body and having adequate fluids.
• It’s important to accept oneself with wrinkles because the one thing that is bound to appear are wrinkles. Do not fret looking at those ageing signs every morning; learn to accept them with a smile. In case, you have developed wrinkles, use a paste of fuller’s earth with almond oil and apply it on your face. This will bring back the natural glow of your face. Rinse using cold water.
• It s probably a good idea to pamper yourself one in a while. In case you can manage to visit the parlor for those occasional facials do not forget to do so, this is a beauty tips for older women that you should follow. It will only help you to retain the glow and also feel good about yourself.
• Moisturize, moisturize Moisturize: twice a day another beauty tip for older women above 40. Night and day. More so in the night because it’s the time when you would hardly move and the best time for skin repair to take place. Rub some coconut pulp mixed with oil on your face, this would provide a natural home remedy.
• Indulge in massages as they not only bring back the elasticity of the body back but also help in keeping you feeling good. Indulge in aroma therapies, and dab yourself with sandal wood pastes and herbal oils once in a while. Do not forget to moisturize yourself after baths.
• You good sunscreens that with adequate SPFs, since sun causes the maximum amount of damage to the skin. Wearing glares would help you avoid the wrinkles around your eyes. And carrying an umbrella would also prove to be useful. On returning home after a sunny day use sandal wood paste to cool off your face and keep you skin fresh and glistening. Sandal wood pastes also help to do away with puffiness under the eyes.
On a quick after note, do a regular pedicure and manicure because more often that not its our nails that are ignored. Rub your feet with pumice at least thrice a week. Pedicure and manicure help to bring out the feminity in the hands and feet which is very essential to look younger. Finally do not adhere to excessive make up because it would just steal the appeal of your face. Dress up occasionally but not over the top. Additionally keep the hairstyles simple. Follow these simple beauty tips fro women over 40 to look younger and beautiful.

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