Beauty Tips for Women above 40

It’s your 40th birthday! Turning 40 gives you more reasons to be miserable rather than be happy. You look at the mirror and the horror of turning 40 dawns upon you. You can see the fine lines of aging, those dreaded wrinkles, the open pores, the sagging skin; the reality is far more horrifying… you are growing old! You cannot reverse the law of nature but what you can do is prolong the process of aging or if you already show signs of aging, know how to hide those with these beauty tips for women over 40.

You have come to an age where everything, right from your hair, skin to makeup needs special attention.  At 40, you can have a makeover. Crossing 40 doesn’t mean that you have to look simple or act old. On the contrary, you can act your age and look absolutely gorgeous. These beauty tips for women over 40 will help you have a complete makeover.

Things to consider when you are 40

  • Take care of your individual skin type, hair texture and body structure
  • Choose makeup and hair styles that suit you the best

Beauty Tips for Women above 40

  • With age, the skin dries up. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated
  • Do not fall prey to products that claim to hide your signs of aging. It would only make you look fake.  Keep your skin moist and your lips wet to look youthful
  • Depending on your skin type, moisturize your skin. Moisturize your face. Your moisturizer should be rich in retinols, antioxidants and peptides
  • For women with dry skin, using too much of makeup is not advisable
  • Your skin is drier at this age. Too much powder or a matte lipstick may make you look older than what you actually are
  • Keep short hairstyles as it will help you look younger
  • Shape your eyebrows and use eye pencil to define your eyes
  • Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks. Use cream blush instead of powder blush
  • Use a silicone rich primer to create an even skin and then apply the foundation
  • Keep away from all shimmering eye shadows because this is not the age for you to play with glittering colors, as these colors accentuate any fine lines that you may have
  • Use eye shadows that are neutral in color like browns, beige
  • Apply eyeliner along your lash line and then smudge it to give your lashes a fuller look
  • Curl your lashes with the help of a mascara
  • For your lips, use light or nude colors; keep your lips moist by using a lip gloss

Rules are not the same once you turn 40. You have to tone down a bit as far as the colors in your makeup goes. These beauty tips for women above 40 are sure to help your bring out the youthfulness you feel in your heart and mind.

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