Beauty Tips for Long Face

long face beauty tips

Beauty is an innate quality that gives happiness and satisfaction to the mind. Yet, today beauty is something that is a topmost wish on every single woman’s mind. Although original beauty lies in the heart, it is just as important to have it on the outside for the world to see. This is because most of the time anything in general is characterized by the way they look. Lets look at some simple beauty tips for women with long faces.

While talking about the face, it’s mandatory to know the shape of your face. So that you can make better choices while cutting your hair or while doing your eye brows or even while you are making dresses for yourself.

Characteristics of an long face are:

• A wider forehead; wider than the chin.

• Quite Prominent cheek bones.

• A gracefully tapering face toward a narrow oval chin.

If your face happens to have the above characteristics then it’s confirmed that you are gifted with a long face.

Facts to remember for a long face:

• A long face is a study in symmetry”: the eyes are separated by an eye’s length; with the fore head wider than the lower part of the face and an enviable bone structure that goes with practically any make up look.

• The good news is that long faces are in such deep proportion that it’s the best to do make ups and hairstyles on such faces.

• Some of the prominent Hollywood personalities with a long face are Ashley Judd, Elizabeth Tylor and Grace Kelly.

• A long face lends a great amount of flexibility to the makeup artist in terms of color and persona.

• It is considered to be ideal because it requires make up only as an enhancement tool to the assets already present. Make up is used mainly to enhance the bone structure.

Makeup tips for long face:

• For the eyes: eye make for people with a long face up must be kept brighter than the rest of the face although without accentuating the edges of the eye.

• You could use bronze eye shadow to cover the eyelid and mark out your eye socket line and softly smudge it with a brown pencil. In order to create a more delicate look you can use a pearly pink eye shadow and apply in the area above your socket line.

• Blue Kohl pencil can also complete the look along the edge of your eyes and it shall emphasize the size of your eyes.

• The better use of smudges along the lines of your eyes will always prove to be fruitful.

• In order to enhance the shape of your face use the blusher and blend it on your cheeks and all the way to your hair line.

• For the lips: deep colors will certainly be a refresher.

• Deep pink lipstick colors applied entirely on the lips will do the magic.

• Also enhance the shape of your lips as much as you can.

Remember, when it comes to makeup for long face it’s a rule that you must be and feel comfortable with whatever you wear. It’s always important to balance your individual features within the shape of your face.

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