Beauty Tips for Girls With Freckles

You may love or hate your freckles but what you can’t do is, ignore them. Some may find these cute tiny spots cute and attractive while others look for way to camouflage or reduce these freckles. If you are the one who is better off without them, there are various ways to get rid or reduce them. These beauty tips for girls with freckles help to reduce or hide freckles.

Beauty Tips for Girls With Freckles

1. Consult your dermatologist: There are various methods to reduce or fade freckles. Freezing, acid, sanding and laser treatments are some of the techniques which a dermatologist prefers. The only hitch is that you need to shell out quite a huge amount of money to get these treatments done.

2. Home Remedies: The best way to fade your freckles without spending a lot. Sunlight triggers freckles, so avoid the sun as much as possible, or whenever out, do not forget to use sunscreen with highest SPF. Vitamins A & C helps to fight the dangerous rays of the sun. Various creams are available in the market that can help reduce pigmentation, dark spots and freckles. Alpha-hydroxy acids in creams increase the turnover of your skin cells and help lighten freckles. Face masks of lime juice, lemon juice, and fruit and vegetable (apricot and cucumber) can also help reduce the freckles.

3. Makeup: This is the easiest way to camouflage freckles. Use foundation to cover them and then apply loose powder. Concealer of a shade closer to your natural skin tone can help cover them up. The right application of makeup helps hide the freckles but not reduce or fade them.

Freckles diminish over a period of time. So don’t fret and cry if they don’t seem to fade away even after trying these beauty tips for girls with freckles. Fortunately for you, there are some guys who find these freckles quite attractive.

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