Beauty Tips For Black Women

Beauty tips for Black Women

The color of your skin is hardly the criterion when it comes to Beauty. You need to be able to accentuate what you already have, that’s the magic created by make up and beauty tips. If you have very high cheek bones, you can try to tone it down with the right kind of make up. It’s a myth when people stereotype that fair women look better than black women. Let’s take a few examples of black women who look like a million dollars: Halley Berry, Queen Latifa and Eva Mendes, who is incidentally a Latino Beauty like Jennifer Lopez. What is needed is a little bit of consciousness about your clothes and make; especially the color you wear; and you are all set to rock it up. Follow these simple beauty tips for black women here.

Makeup tips for black women
Let us look at some beauty tips for black women that you can totally overhaul yourself into a Diva:

• For clothes-: Avoid wearing lighter or pastel shades as it wouldn’t complement the color of your skin. Wearing darker colors like Black, maroon or darker shades of green and blue would accentuate the color of your skin and make you look fairer. You can wear pastel color on occasions, but see to it that they are bordered with a darker shade of color. Try it on and you will see all the difference.
• If you are going for highlights, it s the opposite to that of clothing. Try to go in for lighter highlights, which means blondish, or gold. Avoid Burgundy and dark brown as most of the time it would not go well with your skin tone. For brownish skin color people however, a tad lighter brownish color hairdo would do wonders. However you too must avoid darker shades of hair color, since they don’t really go well with the skin tone.
• While accessorizing try to keep it minimal especially around your face. Try to use accessories that can define the structure of your face. For example a pair of danglers to go with a nice necklace. Danglers and longer earrings of the right color would work extremely well especially on a formal day.
• About make up: the good news is that absolutely anything looks great on Black skin tone, mainly because of high definition of the face. I have mentioned earlier that you need to accentuate what you already have. In this case, on a regular day you can go for brown shades of eye shadow and the same shades for your lips. On a party night you can doll it up with silver or golden eye shadow and a dab of Kohl to go with. Give those lips a red wash especially if you have full lips, Avoid Lip pencil and use more of gloss rather than the matt effects of lipstick.

Remember that in the case of dark skinned people it better to use minimal make up because most of your faces are already well-defined. This is the opposite when it comes to people with fair skin; they need to accentuate their features. However, whatever you carry with a bunch of self confidence will certainly look great. That’s what ever person must keep in mind. The world is your oyster, so don’t let the color of your skin hold you back from painting the town red.

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