Back Acne Treatment

Back Acne Treatment

Acne is a common condition that affects most of the people. An outbreak of acne had no limits or boundaries as to where it may affect the body and people can get affected by acne on several parts of the body. Unfortunately, many people suffering from acne are unaware about this fact and it is quite commonly known that acne is developed only on face. Although acne can be spotted commonly on faces, several other parts like chest, back, arms and even thighs are not exempted from developing acne. Acne developed in the back is called back acne or bacne. There is no strange reason for developing acne on the back and it is just linked with the main root cause of common acne. Acne is developed due to clogged pores and follicles in the skin, where these pores and follicles are found all over the body. Eventually, where these openings are blocked, it leads towards developing acne. Outbreak of acne is likely to be worse in people who have hormonal imbalance. Back acne is quite common in men and women have very minimal risk of developing back acne. Back acne is more disturbing condition than facial acne, which is to be treated at the earliest possible. Let us see the different types of back acne treatment.

Treatment of mild back acne and back acne scars

Even though back acne is a common affliction, not all the people are affected severely by back acne. the severity and effect of back acne range from mild to severe. In addition, there are many people who are unable to get rid of back acne scars. People with mild back acne and back acne scars can consider applying aloe vera cream or gel on the affected spots, which is the best back acne treatment for mild cases. Aloe vera is effective in treating the back acne scars and also the inflammation and redness of the skin. Further, Aloe vera is the natural back acne treatment with no side effects. Other simple and effective back acne treatment for mild conditions and acne scars is given below.

• You can reduce the suffering by washing the back with antibacterial cleanser. Keep yourself away from regular soap. Cetaphil is a good antibacterial cleanser and is effective in treating the back acne.

• You can also consider back acne treatment products like over the counter products. 10 percent benzyl peroxide cream or gel is a good over the counter product.

• When it comes to homemade or natural back acne treatment, they are not quite effective in treating the condition because the skin is harder and tough than the facial skin.

• Rubbing ice cubes or ice scrubbing is an effective treatment of back acne scars and reduces the redness and swelling.

• Different types of back acne treatment products are available in the market. When you attempt to buy such products ensure that you prefer over the counter product with good cleanser, which exfoliates the skin and help to get rid of acne. being a hard skin, back acne treatment products containing cleanser with salicylic or alcohol are extremely effected in unclogging the pores and keep it free from oil and dirt.

Back acne treatment for severe condition

People severely affected by back acne need different type of treatment, where they should consult dermatologists for deciding upon effective treatment of back acne. In spite of getting different prescription treatment for back acne, you should always ensure to wash the skin regularly and keep it clean. Doctors diagnose the condition and prescribe appropriate creams as well pills for treating the acne. Laser treatment of back acne is also quite effective in suppressing the condition. When women are affected by back acne, they can consider taking oral contraceptives, i.e the birth control pills at prescribed dosages. In addition, severe back acne can also be treated by antibiotics.

When you experience the darker discoloration of skin or elevated or depressed scarring in the skin at the affected acne spots, you might require a cosmetic surgery to bring back your skin to normal.

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