Arthritis in Cats

There is a huge misconception among many people that disease like arthritis can only found in dogs, but the actual fact is bit different. Arthritis in cats occurs and it’s now getting common in many of the cats. In fact there are many types of arthritis found in cats and are considered to be unique to cats. Cats are said to be most agile and nimble animal. However this can be a very threatening if you see any signs and symptoms of arthritis in cats, you should as early as possible rush to veterinary doctor with your cat and go for a detailed examination.

There are various types of treating arthritis in cats that can reduce the chance of developing the crippling disease and can also help to manage the proper health of your cat without any side effects. However the real key is that the owner should be able to understand the early warning and minute symptoms of arthritis in cats. This can save the life of cat and also keep them away from the threatening hours.

Symptoms of arthritis in cats

Let us have a look at the early signs of arthritis in cats: Arthritis normally starts on surface and it affects the cats in the same way, they become stiff and on some occasion take the form of limp. At the early stage these signs start to develop with a mild effect and they are even periodic in nature. But it is recommended not to ignore these early sign, as this might take serious turn if not cure at the right time. At this stage the arthritis symptoms in cats are important to watch and you should also consult your veterinary doctor for major steps in this regards. These early signs of arthritis in cats will be noticeable when your cat gets up after a sleep. Once your cat start taking a move, they will slowly start to dissipate. One good thing that you should remember about the disease and about cats is that, they are good at compensating any type of disease by their natural agility. Any other animal, even the dogs do not have such kind of agility.

For this reason, it is important to watch the cat’s behaviour and look for the true indicators to save your cat from the serious problem. Cat that will develop the arthritis will signal you the impact in the form of changed behaviour. They will take several small jumps rather than a long one to reach to the desired destination. They might also start to avoid climbing; you can also observe the swing mood in them. They might also become more aggressive, depressed and irritable.

Treatment of arthritis in cats

There are many type of arthritis in cats is cat, it can be Progressive Polyarthritis¸ Calicivirus Infection and Bacterial Arthritis.

The typical treatments for arthritis in cats are antibiotics like Glucosamine and Chondroitin work well for Calicivirus Infection and Bacterial Arthritis, but it does not work with the progressive polyarthritis. There are supplements that consist of fish oil that you can give in daily diet, this will prevent the extreme pain that cat might felt during the arthritis.

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