Antibiotics for Cats

Just like dogs and other pet animals, cat owners also face the problem on the antibiotics for cats. Actually the issue is that, there are not many major pharmaceutical companies that produce the antibiotics for cats. Normally the veterinary doctors for cat suggest the same antibiotics for cats as of prescribed to humans, but at much lower dosage.

Cat owner has to take special care when they give antibiotics to their cats, as even a little over dosage can also harm the cats. Therefore it is recommended to cat owners to pay attention to the medication instructions. Studies carried out at various veterinary research centres shows that the over dose or incorrect dosage of antibiotics can also affect the growth of cats and it also impact aggressively on the overall growth of the kitten. In female cats it can also affect their chances of getting pregnant. Depending upon the cat’s present health and looking at the other conditions, the antibiotics for cats can be paired with small dosage of steroids. The use of steroids with antibiotics for cats will reduce the amount of risk and it will also help to kill the bacteria and will reduce the swelling that normally occurs when cats get ill. It is also important to take some of the facts into consideration that, many times antibiotics cannot simply work as we might have though. The main reason behind such kind of failure can be:

  • Poor care: If you want that antibiotics should play their natural role in the body, then it needs proper assistance. That is, in the treatment of wound, the infected area needs to be treated properly. Proper cleaning should be done and the infected area should be cleansed with the medicated liquid. If this step is not properly done, antibiotics for cats will not work properly on the infected area.
  • Another reason for improper working of antibiotics for cats is the inappropriate selection of antibiotics. The reason for this is that unfortunately, not all manufacture produces the antibiotics for cats in the same manner or with the same chemical combination. Depending up on the medical and health condition of your cat, it depends on the trained and certified veterinary doctor to make the right selection of the medication for cats. In many cases, the veterinary doctor may even decide to grow a culture plate to confirm the type of bacteria that is affecting the cat. Bu undergoing this crucial step, you can assured the correct usage of antibiotic for cat and this will also saves your cat from any side effects.

There are various type of antibiotics, they can be inject able antibiotics for cats, can be liquid or it can also be a fish antibiotics for cats. All that is important is to follow the recommendation from your veterinary doctor and should give the right antibiotics in prescribed dosage to your cats. It is also recommended that the antibiotics should only be used when infection arrived and side effects of any type of antibiotics should be taken into consideration looking at the medical condition of your cat.

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