Acne Treatment During Pregnancy

Acne treatment during pregnancy

We all know that acne is a common skin disorder that is developed by people of all ages. The surprising fact about, which is not known to many of us the acne is a quite common condition developed by women in their pregnancy. Even though all women have risk of developing acne during pregnancy due to hormonal changes and imbalance, not all the women are affected by acne during pregnancy. Few women are more likely to have a glowing and healthy skin even during their pregnancy. If any women already suffer from acne during pre pregnancy period, pregnancy makes the acne condition worse. However, even women with clear skin and no signs of acne are prone to develop acne in the first trimester period where they experience a lot of hormonal change. Sometimes there is no requirement of acne treatment during pregnancy because the condition automatically suppressed and the skin tone returns to normal in around 2 months after delivering the baby. Since the condition is irritating, pregnant women are in need of acne treatment during pregnancy. So, how acne is treated during pregnancy?

Women in their pregnancy period should never take any drug or medications on their own to treat acne during pregnancy. There is no sense in choosing over the counter medications for treating acne during pregnancy, as it might affect both the mother and baby. For instance, oral contraceptives, the birth control pills are effective in treating the acne in women, where it is too dangerous for pregnant women. Hence, seeking medical advice for acne is the best and safe acne treatment during pregnancy. Benzoyl peroxide is considered the safe over the counter medication to treat acne during pregnancy, where as salicyclic acids should be avoided as an acne treatment during pregnancy.

Topical treatment for acne during pregnancy should be avoided. The topical drugs to be avoided include retinoids differin, retin A and tazorac. These drugs have adverse effect of growth of fetus. Further, it is also not recommended acne treatment for breast feeding mothers. In addition, pregnant women should avoid antibiotics and other drugs and medications associated with hormones and oral contraceptives, as it affects the baby.

Natural remedies for acne are found to be best acne treatment during pregnancy. You can make use of kitchen ingredients for natural acne treatment during pregnancy. These natural remedies are the safe treatment of acne during pregnancy, which have no side effects for the mother and harms the baby as well. Following are the simple yet safe treatment for acne during pregnancy.

• Add crushed nutmeg in the boiled milk. Apply the paste on the affected spots and wash it after a couple of hours. You would be surprised with the clear skin.

• Mix a tablespoon of groundnut oil with fresh lemon juice and apply on the skin. This mixture is effective in treating blackheads and preventing acne. Mix lime juice and boiled milk. Set aside until it cools down. Make use of it wash your face to prevent pimples and dry skin.

• Apple mask and papaya mask are quite effective in treating the inflammation on skin and swollen pimples.

• Honey is a good cleanser and it can be applied directly on the spots or can be mixed with cinnamon powder and can be applied. Get a garlic and rub it on your pimple and it will disappear.

• Rubbing with ice or rubbing with garlic help you to get relieved from acne and acne scars immediately.

• Orange, yellow and red coloured fruits and vegetables like orange, lime, tomato, cucumber, etc are good in removing the dead cells and exfoliates the skin.

Above all, good nutritious diet and having more water and liquids flushes away the toxins from the body and enhances the skin health.

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