Acne Cysts Treatment

Acne cysts treatment

Acne cyst is nothing but the Acne cysts. Acne cysts are more severe form of acne and are associated with teens, where boys and girls in the age group of 13 to 23 years are greatly affected. However, there is no rule that it affects only teens. Acne cysts are characterised by hard bumps with pustules. The size of the bumps varies from small to large, based on the severity. Acne cysts should be treated at the earliest. The impact of acne cysts result towards leaving a permanent scar in the skin. Similarly, when it is not treated with appropriate acne cyst treatment, it darkens the skin colour and reduces the complexion. Fortunately, people with acne cysts need not worry about these issues as there are effective and acne cysts treatments are available to get rid of this issue without developing scars on the skin.

Let us see the different types of acne cysts treatment.

Drugs and medicinesAround 80% of people affected by acne cysts belong to the age group 13 to 25 years. The main reason for development of acne cysts is hormonal changes, leading towards imbalanced hormones. Hormonal changes can be treated by prescription drugs. Antibiotic drugs for acne like erythromycin, minocycline, etc can be used, which are effective in reducing the infection caused by acne cysts. Antibiotic acne drugs are generally prescribed for treating severe acne cysts.  When it is found that acne cysts are developed due to overproduction of testosterone in women, birth control pills are prescribed. It may take around several months to get rid of the condition completely, where the results are effective for a several years. However, it is not recommended to take these drugs without medical advice. Birth control pills have several side effects in the long run, which can even result in breast cancer. Steroid injections and steroid pills are prescribed by the physicians for people with severe acne cysts.

Holistic approach Holistic acne cysts treatment refers to addressing the major causes of acne cysts and providing appropriate treatment to eliminate the causes. When there is no underlying cause for any diseases, there is obviously no disease. In addition, there will be no recurrence of the acne cysts as this type of acne cysts treatment also acts as a preventive medication. For instance, when the acne cysts is developed due to hormonal imbalance, appropriate treatment is offered to balance the hormonal levels, which includes dietary changes.

Laser treatment Acne cysts laser treatment has been lately introduced. Laser machines are used to treat the acne by passing the laser rays. Laser rays never burns the affected spots. Rather, it penetrates the skin and work in the inner layer of skin, resulting towards enhancing or stimulating the production of collagen. Increased quantity of collagen tightens the skin and assist in removal of acne.  Currently, two types of lasers are used to treat acne cysts, namely NdYAG laser and Co2 Laser.

Homemade and natural remedy Homemade acne cysts treatment is preferred by many due to several reasons, which include low cost effective treatment with no side effects, rejuvenation of skin with enhanced glow and complexion, easy remedial measures in form of face packs or masks, quicker and better results, etc. All natural things like honey, aloe vera, organic fruits and vegetables like tomato, cucumber, orange, mango, lemon, apple, etc can be applied on face for quick heal. Further, oatmeal mask, salt water mask, ginger rub, garlic rub, turmeric and honey mask, coriander leaves juice, potato juice, etc can also be preferred. Natural products have no side effects. Moreover, we generally have most of these products in our home and they are considered the best acne cysts treatment. Herbs are ideal choice of treatment for acne cysts at home. Herbs have great healing power. Tulsi, Turmeric powder, neem leaves, fenugreek leaves, etc are good in healing the acne cysts. People with acne cysts can use it by applying the paste of the ground leaves. Alternatively, they can also steam the water boiled with these leaves.

In spite of availability of different treatment options, people severely affected by acne cysts should consult dermatologists for getting effective treatment on acne cysts

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