4th of July Smokey Eye Makeup

4th of July Smokey Eye makeup

4th July is coming closer and so is the excitement among people to follow the latest fashion trends in almost all the elements they wear. Whether it’s an outfit, shoes, ornaments or it’s a makeup. These days you will find varies of makeup for every part of your face. Here in this article you will find what exactly eye makeup is all about, what is specialty of 4th of July Smokey eye make, how to apply 4th of July Smokey eye makeup and how to look appealing with Smokey eyes for 4th of July.

4th of July Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

So let’s see some of the 4th of July Smokey eye makeup tips that can help accentuate your natural eyes.

Smokey eye makeup never go out of fashion, they are always in demand as they not only look attractive, but draw attention of many and this is the most important thing to draw attention and to come a lime light of the eve. Women wearing smokey eye makeup will carry awesome beauty and natural attitude and appeal will walk along with you without any effort. Smokey makeup has the signature from Arabic countries and it is considered to be the most appealing makeup styles exist today. So now get ready to wear the smokey makeup for the most awaited even with the following 4th of July Smokey eye makeup tips. For doing smokey make you will be in need of some of the smokey makeup products like primer, one light and one dark shade eye shadow, one thin eye brush for spreading the eye makeup, one cheek brush, powdery eyeliner to draw the outlines, eyelash curler to give a wavy and curly looks to eye lashes and Mascara. Now as you are all set with makeup kit and all the useful smokey makeup products then lets see how to apply 4th of July Smokey eye makeup.

How to apply 4th of July Smokey Eye Makeup

• Begin with most important fact of the eye makeup- the blending. Begin by layering the different smokey eye makeup product you have in your makeup account.

• Now begin with good primer, remember to use the primer that suits close to your skin tone. Primer will be used to clear the creases on your eye lids.

• After that you will need to use eye shadow brush and clear the crease all away from the eyebrow bone. Now stick to the upper area only and use eye shadow brush to start applying the light eye shadow on the corners of the upper eye lid.

• Start with some light shade and start blending and smudging as you go. Apply the layer until you get the 3 times darker shade than the original one.

• This will give you ultimate dark smokey look. Now try to blend the circular motion, but do not use your fingertips for this effort. Try to make use of cotton edge or any sponge to smudge it well.

• Make use of some highlights for the corner of your eyes and for eyebrow bone. This is one of the classic ways to give a perfect smokey eye makeup look.

• Now use the powdery eyeliner and it is recommended to use a water resistant one, apply it on the upper lid followed by applying on the lower lid.

• Make use of eye lash curler and keep it for about 10 to 15 second to give a final touch to your sexy eyes. You are now ready with the smokey touch to flatter the one who see your beauty.

So, follow these simple tips and become a trendsetter for smokey look by wearing smokey eye makeup on the 4th of July.

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