4th of July Red, White and Blue Makeup Tips

4th of July Red, White and Blue Makeup

The 4th of July is just few days away and people are really excited about it and looking for every thing to look attractive and to become a lime light of the event. On this reference here are some of the nice tips on 4th of July red white and blue makeup not only to look appealing, but also to become a trendsetter. The easy and last minute 4th of July red white and blue makeup tips will help you out in creating an appealing and stylish look which will definitely steel the show.

Ready to make people silent and thinking about your red hot lips then create a lovely 4th of July makeup look by choosing a dewy and sheer read lipstick rather then a matte red one which will be suitable for the evening. It is recommended that you should keep your eye makeup light when making lips in red. A bit of eyeliner and mascara will work out for you when you are going with nice lovely red sexy lips. Just pack some lovely and smoky eye shadow with all makeup brush in your bag to change the makeup before the evening firework begins.

4th of July red, white and blue makeup tips is fun to rock on the special event. If you are in for a day at the pool then try to some simpler look for the 4th.

How to apply 4th of July red, white and blue makeup tips

Here are some of the most effective tips on how to apply 4th of July red white and blue makeup.

  • Firstly you should make sure that you prime your face well for the summer by applying suns cream. This is essential to keep your skin protected from ultra violet rays and always keep your safe from dark complexion.
  • After this put some foundation and make use of loose powder to set it. In case of foundation better to choose the best one and the lighter one like a tinted moisturizer, rather then using the heavier one.
  • Then make use of brush to bronzer on your cheekbones and now your face is set for the fun part.
  • Buy water resistant or waterproof eyeliner in white, blue and in red color. Also buy blue waterproof mascara to give a funny look.
  • Line your upper lashes first with the black waterproof eyeliner and then use thicker line of blue. Line up both eyelashes with white. Now apply few coats of mascara and finish off your look with q nice red lipstick or gloss in your favorite shade. Do remember that gloss will make your look more subtle and red will give your neutral yet bolder look. Make sure you use all quality products for all kind of makeup and apply them with perfect, according to the tips to avoid any silly mistake that may spoil your beauty.

To create a sexy look on 4th, you can also do nice experiments with your hairs. You can wear a low and luscious pig tails. Just gather your hairs on each side of your head and use a fine tooth comb to creating the even parts down at the back. Take a large curling iron and iron 2 inch wide section of your hairs to give a bouncy and full look. Tie a pigtail in blue, white and red ribbon to be a brand in the festival effect.

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