4th of July Makeup Looks

4th of July Makeup

Whether you are looking for the Themed 4th of July Makeup Looks, or for the Barbecue Party of 4th of July Makeup, this is the right place for you. Be it casual wear that you are planning for this upcoming 4th of July or be it a Sexy evening gown you are planning to sport. We are going to give you some fun, exciting and yet very very simple 4th of July Makeup looks. These 4th of July Makeup looks can be created within minutes. You don’t have to hassle your brain over these simple 4th of July Makeup looks.

Lets look at these simple and yet awesome 4th of July Makeup looks.

 You can go red for this 4th of July, simply for your lips. You could either go for the matter form of red lipstick but here is a special 4th of July Makeup look tip; try to use more of Gloss rather than lipstick. This is mainly because Lipsticks start to look stale after a certain point and this may not be a very good thing for long time makeup such as the 4th of July Makeup. You could get that dewy Red look and it looks totally appropriate for any evening.

 If you are going RED for the lips, keep the eye make up to the minimum, do not sport a smokey look, simply use a light pencil eyeliner or even a water resistant liquid eyeliner. This is the general rule that if you are going for a heavy lip makeup keep the eyes to the lighter side. This is especially good for the morning side of the 4th of July Makeup look.

 Towards the evening you can change your glow to your eyes than your lips, go for nude colors and you can easily sport a smokey eye especially if you plan to go partying, since the eyes will look completely awesome. Use an all-purpose eyeshadow brush that will get you through all kinds of weather. You may want to sport a sultry look during the fireworks.

 You can get some false eye lashed on this occasion they look completely dazzling, luscious eyelashes are so in these days especially for the smokey look, it is sure to stay on for a long long time.

 You can go a bit patriotic with your dresses for the morning wear a nice blue tee and red bangles or white pants. Mix and match the red blue and white combo to get awesome results.

 In fact these days the red blue and white make ups are doing the rounds, last year we saw a number of women wearing the eye makeup stickons which had the American Flags painted on them. This would be a brilliant idea for a 4th of July Makeup look and would be out of the World.

 For the hair part of it, you could either wear the sultry side pony tails, or pigtails with bangs in the morning. In the evening for the tidy look all you need to do is use some gel and tie a lose bun at the nape of your neck. Take some strands of hair out to soften the look. This will look completely great for a 4th of July Makeup look.

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