4th of July Eye Makeup

For celebrating the 4th of July, here are some of the most effective 4th of July eye makeup tips that will make your eyes look smashing, dazzling and like a heaven in which everyone will wish to stick once. Lets look at some useful 4th of July eye makeup tips here.

4th of July eye makeup tips

To start with first wash your eyes will cold water to make them fresh, then make use of midnight pencil to add a intrigue into your eyes as it gives a neutral but still a very different and unique look to your eyes. To add a bit of beat on color without doing much crazy, you can try the lower lash line with the midnight and then squirt your brush with hydration spray and then make it dip into the nice bright color like blue moon, rose, wine and emerald that will a spark on your eye shadow.

The use of eye pencil adds great depth and lot of opalescence to the color of eye shadow. It is recommended to make use of neutral eye lid shadow. 4th of July eye makeup ideas become fabulous when you really follow some of the some of the nice tips on how to apply 4th of July eye makeup. Here are some of the best uses of pencil to give a nice attractive look for 4th of July.

How to apply 4th of July eye makeup

• Line the internal rim of your eyes to add some sparkles to make them look fresh and awaked. If you see lot of redness around your eyes, then make use of low lash line and blend it gently.

• Make small slashes in the dark part of your eye- your dark circles. Make use of foundation cream or any other skin toner to blend your dark circles.

• Blend the white pencil on to the cupids bow of the upper lips along with the center of lower lips before your apply lip color or any glossy product. This will make your eyes look full and attractive look.

For complete 4th of July eye makeup you can follow the below written tips to get the eye makeup with perfection.

• Apply the creamy shade on the entire eyelid, on to the lashes to eye brow by making use of brush. Make sure you also do makeup on the inner corner of your eye to give it a bright and wide eyed look to your beautiful eyes.

• Make use of brush to press the peach shade to the eyelids and blend it up into and above the crease of eyes.

• Now use the same brush and use chocolate shade carefully on the outer corner of the eyelid. Use darker shades outside and lighter inside.

• Moist the brush little bit and use it on the line of upper lash with chocolate shade, now finish the eyes with lash Mascara to give a feathery soft look to your beautiful eyes.

Now the most important thing apart from eye makeup is to leave the shyness and bring a nice charm and charisma in your eyes. Make yours of appropriate makeup for your lips and face, as you can only look beautiful and charming when your overall makeup suits well on your personality.

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