4th of July Drinking Games

4th of July Drinking Games

With the other entire stuff ready for the Big 4th of July event, I am sure you are now looking for some action and loads of more entertainment. If you are looking for some real fun stuff like some great 4th of July Drinking Games, you have arrived my friend. You may already be familiar with Landmines and Beer Pongs and the Wizard Sticks, however, would you love to be a little more mobile than being stationary and enjoy stuff like getting drunk? Nothing like pairing up with drunken mates in a sweaty game, running around like half lunatics and feeling totally spent. The dizziness will take you into the greatest heights without a doubt. We bring for you some great 4th of July Drinking Games that you can play out in the lawn, all grassy and wet. You can also opt to play in your basement if you have a decent amount of space there. However, get ready for some fun because we are here to present to you the action of 4th of July Drinking Games.

Let’s begin with the 4th of July Drinking Games:

1. 4th of July Drinking Games :Beer Marathon: This one’s strictly for adults. You need to place a circle of beer cans around 3 / 5 people and see to it that the beer is like completely chilled. This one is like really chilled out because you hardly need any planning to finish beer after all! You need to set the timer and begin drinking the beer at the drop of the timer. There is bound to be a lot of cheering among friends as to who finishes the beer the fastest among the crowd. And soon enough you’ll know the winner. The good thing here is that you can repeat this game like in between other games. No one can ever get tired of this game.

2. 4th of July Drinking Games :Beer Pong: This one tops among the 4th of July Drinking Games. You need a ping pong ball and one table. You will be required to split in groups of two. Put the beer cups on the two sides of the table like putting bowling pins. There must be at least 6 cups on both sides of the table. You need to try to jump up the ping pong into the opposite team’s cup. If you are successful, you can make the other team drink from that cup. You need to take alternative turns this way and clear up the cups each time you finish. This game requires major skill and a good strategy and it really needs practice. It’s a lot of fun when it is played in a group.

3. 4th of July Drinking Games :Categories: I personally love this game, it’s such a fun 4th of July Drinking Game. You need to sit in a circle and one person must think of a subject. Suppose it is Jazz. Then you need to name all the jazz musicians, instruments that come to your mind, one at a time. If you miss it you need to drink up. This is a very simple game and not something that is going to knock you off or something. Good enough to give you some nice fuzziness in your head.

4. 4th of July Drinking Games :Jengaholic: This 4th of July Drinking Game is going to get you zonked in the head. This 4th of July Drinking Game is for someone who loves to play and drink at the same time. This game is entirely meant for that. You basically need to labels blocks with some action. Like; ‘take a walk’, ‘take a nap’. When you take the block you need to perform that very action written in the block. If you don’t perform, you need to have a beer. That’s an unbreakable rule of thumb.

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